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Opinion from Mediescapes India ?.
1. Write to us your country / city name from where you are seeking medical opinion with your full contact details.

2. Do you have DRY SKIN condition with (check one or more from below);

i. Flaky and peeling, especially in the
ii. Feels tight when washed.
iii. Closed, invisible pores.

3. Do you have OILY SKIN condition with (check one or more from below):

i. Upon wiping your face with a tissue, a
   thin film of oil would be visible.
ii. Feels rough to the touch.
iii. Large, open pores; prone to pimples and

4. Do you have COMBINATION SKIN condition with (check one or more from below):

i. Oily around the T-Zone, which is the area
   around the forehead, nose and chin.
ii. Dry on the cheeks and under the eyes.
iii. Large, open pores on the nose.

5. Do you have NORMAL SKIN condition with (check one or more from below);

Not too oily, not too dry.
Soft and smooth to the touch.
Closed pores.

6. Send close - up images in JPEG file format (small file size).

7. Any medical condition present with
   the patient?.
“I found out that I needed an operation for a back problem which was causing severe pain to my left leg from the sciatic nerve. After speaking to my GP and realizing I was getting nowhere I decided to take the matter into my own hands as I could hardly walk. After speaking to private consultants and realizing that without private medical insurance I was not going to be seen to in this country without shelling out around £20,000 I decided to look elsewhere. I decided to look into having the operation privately in India and was fortunate to come across Mediescapes India. From my initial enquiry when I e-mailed my MRI results to Mediescapes India I was amazed ..more
- A Patient from UK

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Clinic Dermatech Cosmetic Laser Clinic, New Delhi
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Our Medical Consultant’s Panel
Advanced Dermatological Science combines with the latest Laser techniques and cosmetic technologies, to bring you the most focused beauty & skin care services at the state-of-the-art, Clinic Dermatech. Skin treatments and rejuvenation to reverse the age-clock are easier than you think!

Young-looking skin in our later years can be a real boost to our self-image and sense of well being. We understand the pressure in today's society to look as good as you possibly can, without downtime or lifestyle interruption. We have researched well and carefully selected the safest, most effective laser and non-laser technologies for different skin treatments. Our expert medical and aesthetic professionals have been carefully screened, selected, and trained to provide efficient treatments. Clinic Dermatech cares about you and personalizes these treatments according to your age, type and sensitivity of skin.

Clinic Dermatech is the result of the vision of a group of professionals, from diverse business backgrounds. Clinic Dermatech brings to India the concept of focused technology for dedicated treatments in beauty & skin care.

Technology has found its way into every aspect of our lives. The way we live, the way we communicate and now the way we look.

Clinic Dermatech has a very large spectrum of cosmetic technologies and the treatments are personalized to your skin and beauty needs. Availability of such range ensures that there is never a need to stretch the use of any technology.

Why Clinic Dermatech?

In this age of super speciality, lasers and other aesthetic equipments have their own dedicated areas of application. The selection of the right cosmetic technology depends on the age, sensitivity, skin type (colour) and texture. Only the most appropriate technology should be selected for your personalised treatment.

Before we start the treatment, a comprehensive skin analysis is carried out with the help of our state of the art digital camera having magnification of upto 100 times. Scientific image analysis is carried out for moisture content oil, size of pores, curvature of skin, pigmentation & keratin. Our specialised software minutely analyses the condition and monitors its management. Comprehensive use of these images and data, throughout the treatment, ensures optimum results for your precious skin.

At Clinic Dermatech better results through well researched assessment of patient cust0mers

At Clinic Dermatech, our medical professionals make an individualized assessment of your cosmetic needs and recommend the most appropriate technology. We carefully listen to your needs - focusing on those skin improvements that are most important to you and work with you to set realistic expectations. Once we clearly understand your goals. we device a personalized treatment program, advising you on the technology that's most appropriate for you.

Varied beauty needs, Personalized Treatment and the options available are;

Skin and Hair analysis
+ Permanent Hair reduction
+ Non-surgical Face lift
+ Skin rejuvenation
+ Skin resurfacing
+ Breast & Abdominal sagging
+ Pregnancy stretch marks
+ Acne / Pimple and Scars
+ Fine lines, Wrinkles
+ Skin sagging
+ Cellulite control
+ Saggy, Puffy eyelids
+ Pigmented lesions
+ Birthmarks
+ Age spots & Freckles
+ Brown spots
+ Warts, Moles
+ Keloids
+ Body contouring (Non surgical)
+ Crows feet, Laugh lines, Forehead lines
+ Unwanted facial redness / Rosacea
+ Vascular lesions
+ Spider veins, Varicose veins
+ Vitiligo
+ Psoriasis
+ Eczema
+ Teeth whitening                                   

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Globally acclaimed, lasers and other advanced technologies at Clinic Dermatech, New Delhi

+ Beautytek from Medilab
+ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

With dedicated hand pieces for :
    - Acne - 400/1100 nm.
    - Hair reduction - 625/1200 nm.
    - Skin treatment - 550/1200 nm.
+ Nd:Yag Long Pulse laser
+ Nd:Yag Short Pulse laser
+ Erbium Yag laser
+ High Power Diode laser
+ CO2 laser
+ Laser Helium Neon + Infra Red (I.R.)
+ UVB laser for Vitiligo / Psoriasis / Eczema
+ Skin & Hair Analyser
+ Cryo cooling device for laser and IPL
+ Dental Diode laser
+ Thermocoagulation (TC 3000)

Services offered at our clinic under Skin Care Management

For Pregnancy & other stretch Marks, Acne Scars
How many times have you looked at your stretch marks and scars and dreamt of having them removed forever? At Clinic Dermatech, we have several customised treatments, which can be used to reduce them. Selection of the most appropriate technology from the following options depends on your treatment needs and the depth of marks & scars.

Beautytek uses the principle of natural stimulation of pulses operating within the body. The Stimulation of pulses with very low amperage (35-500 micro amps- below the pain threshold) gently reduces the stretch marks and also reduce other scars viz. acne and surgery.

Erbium Yag laser provides a safer, more precise and less painful method of restoring softer, smoother, more youthful skin. The Erbium Yag laser is more gentle to surrounding tissues than any other laser used for reducing scars and pregnancy stretch marks. Recent studies have shown that the Erbium laser stimulates the production of collagen, which leads to the tightening and smoothening of skin.

For Acne / Pimples
Acne has many variations, such as pimples, black heads, white heads, zits, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts, acne rosacea, acne conglobata and acne scars. The skin regimen works by itself to cure acne in its mild form. However severe acne formation needs medical intervention. Acne can appear because of excessive sebum production, clogging of pores, accumulation of external/ internal toxin, lack of vitamins, improper diet, etc. Acne can appear on the face, chest, back and upper arms. Clinic Dermatech offers different technologies that are suitable for treating mild to most stubborn and active Acne.

Laser Helium Neon + I.R is the latest 'non-invasive' therapy, that treats acne and pimples. The He Ne beam scans the effected area and helps in reduction of acne / pimple growth. This is the most gentle and safe treatment suitable even for most sensitive skin with no side effects and minimum recovery time. This actually revitalises your skin, while treating acne and pimples.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) offers gentle, yet effective treatment for acne & pimples reduction with 'no side effects'. IPL Photo-rejuvenation technology improves the appearance of the skin, by treating broken capillaries and acne scars. IPL gently delivers precise amounts of light energy to the skin's surface, to stimulate the production of collagen, which improves the appearance of skin.

Erbium Yag laser is ideal for precise layer-by-layer ablation. It ensures prevention and early treatment of acne / pimples by opening the pores and cleaning the epidermis. It also offers an excellent treatment for complex cases of acne scarring.

Nd: Yag long pulse laser enables deep penetration and its homogeneous absorption in skin eradicates the bacteria in pores, while accelerating collagen regeneration. Thus, it effectively helps in prevention as well as reduction of acne / pimple inflammations.

For Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Couperose Skin, Telangiectasia
Though IPL and Nd:Yag laser can be used for these treatments, at Clinic Dermatech we have more specialised equipment for the removal of your spider veins / varicose veins. Our TC 3000 uses the thermo-coagulation technique that immediately removes varicula, the couperose and even the red points - while preserving the epidermis. All that remains is a small circular red mark, which too disappears in few days. The treated veins completely disappear within a matter of seconds. A single treatment is all that is needed -even for a large area.

For Warts, Moles, Keloids
CO2 laser
delivers short bursts of high-energy laser beam, which vaporizes the undesired warts and moles one at a time, uncovering fresh skin underneath. CO2 laser has the ability to seal blood vessels simultaneously while cutting and vapourising. This ensures complete treatment, without any bleeding.

For Birthmarks (Pigmented Nevi & Vascular lesions / Port-wine stains & Hemangiomas)
Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
can gradually fade and eliminate pigmented birthmarks while protecting the surrounding normal skin.

Nd:Yag Short pulse laser offers a dedicated and advanced laser treatment for all types of pigmented lesions including birthmarks. This is considered the most efficient, easy and non surgical alternative for treating birthmarks including vascular lesions and pigmented nevi. It is also suitable for the treatment of areas, that are hard to reach by other equipment e.g. nose, ears and areas around the eyes.

Nd:Yag Long pulse laser can also be used in conjunction with Nd:Yag short pulse laser, for supplementing the treatment of deeper pigmentation and vascular lesions.

For Unwanted Facial Redness / Rosacea
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
helps to reduce the redness and broken veins or thread veins.
The light energy from IPL warms the collagen fibers in the skin, which stimulates new collagen remodeling. This helps in delaying further development of broken veins and thread veins.

Erbium Yag laser is specially designed for treating superficial skin problems. It reduces blushing, unwanted facial redness and accelerates the production of collagen - making it firmer

For Brown spots, Age spots, Freckles, Solar lentigenes
These conditions are easily treated with a range of lasers available at Clinic Dermatech. Selection of laser depends on severity of problem, skin type and sensitivity.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) offers a gentle and safe treatment for such spots, freckles and sun damage. IPL delivers precise amounts of light energy through the skin surface to stimulate the collagen of the skin, which then prevents the reoccurrence of these conditions.

Erbium Yag laser vapourises the affected skin surface with its 2940 nm wavelength, thus reducing the brown spots and freckles.

Nd:Yag Short Pulse laser specifically targets the brown pigment, or "melanin," present in these spots. The pigment absorbs the laser's energy and gets scattered within the skin's tissues. Other than some temporary mild bruising and slight scabbing, the skin itself usually remains unaffected, while the brown spots and freckles disappear.

Nd:Yag Long Pulse laser supplements the use of Nd:Yag short pulse laser for treating deep rooted pigments in these spots.

For Vitiligo (White Patches), Psoriasis, Eczema
Our advanced Vitiligo treatment with UVB technology uses a carefully focused beam of light. This therapeutic light is transported through a sophisticated device to deliver an intense dose directly to the affected area of Psoriasis and Vitiligo. This light stimulates the cells responsible for producing skin colour called melanocytes. For psoriasis, it corrects immunology, thereby clearing lesions. Until now there was no effective treatment available for these conditions - UVB technology is the first modality to offer an efficient treatment for Vitiligo / psoriasis.

Services offered at our clinic under Permanent Hair Removal Solutions
At Clinic Dermatech our permanent Hair reduction treatment using IPL, Diode laser and Nd:Yag laser are more effective and safer due to the right selection of equipment. The use of several specialised lasers at our clinic ensures a long term hair reduction of unwanted hair on any part of your body and for any skin type - gently and safely.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the latest additions to cosmetic dermatology. Sometimes referred to as Nonlaser " Laser", IPL provides mild treatment, with no side effects. IPL is suitable for sensitive skin areas and can be used for person whose skin is too sensitive. This is particularly useful for persons whose skin is too sensitive for lazers. One can resume activities immediately after the treatment.

High Power Diode laser is one of the most versatile general purpose laser. Due to its small and precise hand piece, we use it for selective hair reduction and permanent eyebrow shaping. It is most suited for hair reduction at hard to reach areas like ears & bikini line and also for precise hair reduction of any selected area. Treating large areas like back, abdomen, face or legs etc with Diode laser can be inconvenient, painful and time consuming, due to its small spot size.

Nd:Yag laser offers fast and effective hair reduction due to its large spot size (14 mm) and thus provides a lasting treatment for hair reduction. The proven technology of Nd:Yag laser ensures completely safe and permanent hair reduction.

Services offered at our clinic under Body Shaping Solutions
Breast sagging, Abdominal & Skin Sagging
Till recently there was no effective treatment for breast and abdominal sagging, apart from corrective surgery. Beautytek, a revolutionary equipment from Medilab (Germany) effectively reduces breast sagging and abdominal sagging - without risk, and no recovery time. This non surgical breast uplifting and reduction of abdominal sag is achieved through the use of controlled stimulation pulses. This is one of the safest and very gentle treatments with no side effects at all. You need only a few sittings to benefit from its truly amazing results, as visible improvement is seen within the first 1-2 sessions.

Tummy bulge, saddle bags, double chin, love handles (bulging waistline)
Body sculpting and spot reduction through our advanced Beautytek therapy works best for you. This technique is used to reduce cellulite & fats, and to tighten & tone the skin. The problem areas are treated to stimulate blood circulation, breakdown fats and effectively tighten the skin. The best areas for this treatment are hips, stomach, thighs, buttocks, chin and the neck and love handles.

Cellulite control
Sweating it out at the gym and dieting may have helped you to achieve an ideal body but you may still be unable to get rid of cellulite from certain parts!! Liposuction surgery is a painful option and has several known side effects. Few relaxing sessions with Beautytek can restore your smooth and youthful skin at arms and buttocks, giving you a perfect solution.

Understanding Safety & Comfort during Laser & IPL Treatment
Advancement in technology, results in an ongoing improvement in specifications and thus, the results. These improvements translate into better safety and less side effects, reduced discomfort or pain, reduced treatment time, reduced reoccurrence of problems, or simply an overall improvement in results. It all depends on the technology, its research and development base, and quality standards. At Clinic Dermatech, we have sourced most of our technologies from the best of Western European countries like Italy, Germany and Belgium. Our manufacturers have a very strong research and development base, backed by expert medical professionals.

Stretching the use of technology has its negative effects - both in the short and long term. At Clinic Dermatech we avoid it by having a large selection of dedicated equipment for personlised treatments.

The heat generated at the time of a laser or IPL treatment necessitates cooling of the treated area as well as the area around it. The three types of cooling that are generally used are:

Intermittent cooling is achieved using cooling gel or ice pack at the start or during different stages of the treatment or even at the end of the treatment. However it causes some discomfort or pain and treatment gets interrupted.

Contact cooling provides continuous cooling of the surrounding areas and is a better option compared to gel/ice pack. However as the area being treated is not directly cooled, it could still cause some discomfort and pain.

Continuous air cooling / Cryo technology is the most advanced and effective form of cooling, as the area being treated is cooled directly, continuously and simultaneously with the treatment. This ensures an ambient temperature which soothes the skin.

At Clinic Dermatech, once the most suitable laser has been selected from our range, we use the most advanced Cryo technology that delivers continuous air cooling for minimum discomfort and a high treatment efficiency. We take utmost care of your safety, comfort and well being.

For Detailed Dossier on Clinic Dermatech Laser Centre, please write to us at

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