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How to receive speedy Recuperative Holiday advise from Mediescapes India ?.

1. Write to us your country / city name from where you are seeking recuperative holiday enquiry with your full contact details.

2. Send by email number of persons accompanying you after the treatment for your recuperative holidays.

3. Send us approximate idea of your budget for your post medical procedure holidays.

4. Send us recent approximate month of travel.

“I found out that I needed an operation for a back problem which was causing severe pain to my left leg from the sciatic nerve. After speaking to my GP and realizing I was getting nowhere I decided to take the matter into my own hands as I could hardly walk. After speaking to private consultants and realizing that without private medical insurance I was not going to be seen to in this country without shelling out around £20,000 I decided to look elsewhere. I decided to look into having the operation privately in India and was fortunate to come across Mediescapes India. From my initial enquiry when I e-mailed my MRI results to Mediescapes India I was amazed ..more.”
- A Patient from UK

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India Useful Phrases
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While staying in India during your medical treatment at a particular city here are some regional languages phrases which would help in smooth transition and they are quite helpful and easy to learn !

Some Helpful Hindi Phrases :
Could be used while traveling or staying in Northern part of India.

English Phrase: Hindi Phrases

Hi or Hello: Namaste
Please: Please
Thank You: Shukhriya, Dhanyavaad
Yes: Haan
No: Nahin
Where can I find: Kahan milenge
I want water: Mujhe paani chahiye
I want a ticket: Mujhe ticket chahiye
Where is the toilet: Bathroom kahan hai
I am from Australia: Main Australia se hoon
Are you open tomorrow: Aap kal khule hain
Is this very far: Kya ye bahut door hai
How much is this: Ye kitne ka hai
This is too expensive: Ye bahut mehenga hai
Make this price less: Bhaav kam karo
How are you?: Aap kaise hain?
Sorry: Maaf kijiye
Please: Kripaya
Ok: Theek hai
What?: Kya?
Where: Kahan?
How?: Kaise?
When?: Kab?
Who?: Kaun?
Why?: Kyon?
What is the price?: Iska kya daam hai?
I don't understand: Mai samjha nahi
Tell me the way please: Kripya raasta bataiye
What is your name?: Aapka naam kya hai?
My name is: Mera naam…...
Right: Dahine
Left: Bayen

In English :
In Hindi

One Ek
Two Do
Three Teen
Four Chaar
Five Paanch
Six Cheh
Seven Saat
Eight Aath
Nine Naun
Ten Das
One hundred Ek sau
Two hundred Do sau

Helpful Kannada Phrases :
Could be used while traveling or staying in Karnataka (Bangalore) part of India.

English Phrase : Kannada Phrases

Hi or Hello Namaskara
Please Please
Thank You Upkaara Ayithu
Yes Houdu
No Beda
Where can I find Yelli siguvuthade
I want water Nanige neeru beku
I want a ticket Nanige Ticketu beku
Where is the toilet Toilet yelli ide
I have come from Australia Nanu Australia dinda
Are you open tomorrow Neevu nale thegdideera
Is this very far Idu thumba doora ida?
How much is this Idakke yeshtu kraya?
This is too expensive Idakke kraya jasthi
Make this price less Swalpa kammi maadi
How are you? Neevu hege iddeera?
Sorry Kshamisi
Please Dayavittu
Ok Ayithu
What? Yenu?
Where? Yelli?
How? Hege?
When? Yavaga?
Who? Yaaru?
Why? Yeke?
What is the price? Idakke yeshtu kraya?
I don't understand Nanige artha aagalilla
Tell me the way please Swalpa daari helikodutheera
What is your name? Nimma hesaru yenu
My name is Nanna hesaru …..
Right Bala
Left Yada

In English : In Kannada

One Ondu
Two Yeradu
Three Muru
Four Nalku
Five Aidu
Six Aaru
Seven yelu
Eight Yentu
Nine Ombathu
Ten Hathu
One hundred Nuru
Two hundred Innuru

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Helpful Bengali Phrases :
Could be used while traveling or staying in West Bengal (Kolkatta) part of India.

English Phrase : Bengali Phrases

Hi or Hello Namaskar
Thank You Dhannabad
Yes Hain
No Na
Where can I find Kothaye paabo
I want water Amar jal chayi
I want a ticket Amar ticket chayi
Where is the toilet Bathroomta kothay
I am from Australia Aami Australia thikey ashechi
Are you open tomorrow Kaal ki dokan khola?
Is this very far Eta ki khoob doorey?
How much is this Eta koto daam?
This is too expensive Eta kintoo khub beshi daam
Make this price less Etar daam komiye dao
How are you? Kamon aacho?
Sorry Khauma koro
Please Pleez
Ok Theek achey
What? Ki?
Where Kothaye?
How? Kamon korey?
When? Kobey
Who? Kay?
Why? Kano?
What is the price? Koto daam eta?
I don't understand Bujhtey paarchi na
Tell me the way please Ekto rasta bolbein
What is your name? Tomar naam ki?
My name is Aaamar naam…
Right Dandikey
Left Baandikey

In English :
In Bengali

One Ek
Two Dui
Three Teen
Four Chaar
Five Panch
Six Choye
Seven Shat
Eight Aath
Nine Nauye
Ten Dosh
One Hundred Ek show
Two Hundred Do show

Helpful Punjabi Phrases :
Could be used while traveling or staying in Punjab (Ludhiana, Amritsar & Jalandhar) part of India.

English Phrase : Punjabi Phrases

Hi or Hello Sat sri akaal
Please Please
Thank You Shukriya
Yes Aaho
No Nayi
Where can I find Aa kithey milega
I want water Manoo pani chayida
I want a ticket Manoo ticket chayidiye
Where is the toilet Bathroom kithey haga
I am from Australia Main Australia to aaya hagan
Are you open tomorrow Kaal tussi kholey ho?
Is this very far Aa bootdoor hagaye?
How much is this Aa Kinney da haga?
This is too expensive Aa tey boot mehnga haga hai
Make this price less Thodi edi kimet ghatao
How are you? Ki haal nay?
Sorry Mauf karna
Please Pleez
Ok Theek hai
What? Ki?
Where Kithey?
How? Kiddan?
When? Kaadon
Who? Kaun?
Why? Kyon?
What is the price? Aa Kinney da haga?
I don't understand Meri smajhich nahi aanda
Tell me the way please Jara rasta dasna
What is your name? Tyoda na ki haga?
My name is Mera naa haga …
Right Sajjey
Left Khabbey


In English :
In Punjabi

One Ik
Two Do
Three Tin
Four Chaar
Five Panj
Six Chey
Seven Sat
Eight Aath
Nine Naun
Ten Das
One hundred Sau
Two hundred Do sau

Helpful Malayalam Phrases :
Could be used while traveling or staying in Kerala (Cochin, Trivandrum & Kovalam) part of India.

English Phrase : Malayalam Phrases

Hi or Hello : Namaskaram
Please Please
Thank You : Nanni
Yes : Sari, Athe, Annu
No Illa
Where can I find Evide anna,
I want water Ennike vellam venam
I want a ticket Ennike ticket venum
Where is the toilet Bathroom evide
I am from Australia Njaan Australiail ninnu
Are you open tomorrow Nalla turakkumo
Is this very far Ithu vallare doore
How much is this Entha villa
This is too expensive Vallare Kooduthalanu
Make this price less Villa Curakyu
How are you? Sukhamano
Sorry Sorry
Please:  Deyavu Cheythu
Ok Ok
What? Entha?
Where? Evide?
How? Engane?
When? Eppam?
Who? Aaru?
Why? Enthukondu?
What is the price? Entha villa?
I don't understand Mansilla yilla
Tell me the way please Vazhi parranjutharu…
What is your name? Ninte peru enthanu?
My name is Enthe peru aanu
Right Vallathe
Left Edade

In English :
In Malayalam

One Onnu
Two Randu
Three Munnu
Four Nallu
Five Anch
Six Aaru
Seven Ezhu
Eight Ettu
Nine Ompathu
Ten Pattu
One hundred Nooru
Two hundred Iru nooru

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