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Opinion from Mediescapes India ?.

1. Write to us your country / city name from where you are seeking medical opinion with your full contact details.

2. Send by email or by post copy of recent clinical observations / diagnosis / medical report translated into English.

3. Send images in JPEG file format.

4. Send us your age, transfusion received so far and / transfusion requirement frequency at present, your current blood counts and hemoglobin report / Pathological Reports or a summery of observations on them.

5. What is the age of the patient?

6. What is the age of the donor, if it is a female donor, is she married and if so how many pregnancies she has had ?

7. When was the patient diagnosed ?

8. How many blood transfusions has the patients had? How many whole blood, how many PRBC, how many platelet?

9. The blood products were they irradiated and leucodepleted ?

10. Did he receive any blood from his own relatives ?

11. Did he receive ATG or ALG as part of the immunosuppressive therapy ?

12. Any of his family members had aplastic anemia ?

13. Has there been any HLA Type Match report available with the recipient / donor?

“I found out that I needed an operation for a back problem which was causing severe pain to my left leg from the sciatic nerve. After speaking to my GP and realizing I was getting nowhere I decided to take the matter into my own hands as I could hardly walk. After speaking to private consultants and realizing that without private medical insurance I was not going to be seen to in this country without shelling out around £20,000 I decided to look elsewhere. I decided to look into having the operation privately in India and was fortunate to come across Mediescapes India. From my initial enquiry when I e-mailed my MRI results to Mediescapes India I was amazed ..more.”
- A Patient from UK

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Oncology Consultants in India
Suggested Hospitals / Clinics
Our Medical Consultant’s Panel

Major hospitals in India have oncology units comprising surgical oncology, medical and radiation therapy as well as the crucial Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT). The BMT unit with high pressure hipa filters has helped achieve a very high success rate in the various types of transplantation.

Dr. Ajit Pai, M.Ch. DNB. MRCS, Consultant - Surgical Oncologist
Department of Surgical Oncology

The Department of Surgical Oncology is headed by Dr. Ajit Pai, who trained in surgical oncology at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai for 6 years. He obtained further specialized training in surgery for liver, biliary and pancreatic cancers at Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto Universities, and in keyhole surgery for esophageal cancer at Osaka university school of medicine, Japan. He also completed a fellowship in pancreatic cancer surgery at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. His special interests are in keyhole surgery for esophageal cancer and surgery for liver, pancreatic and gastrointestinal cancers.

The Department Surgical Oncology is aided by an American qualified pathologist and haematopathologist.

Dr. Bellarmine, M.D., A.B., F.A.C.P
Consultant in Medical Oncology & Haematology

The Department of Medical Oncology is headed by Dr. Bellarmine who is an Emeritus Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology. Dr. Bellarmine has 30 years of experience as Medical Oncologist and 9 yrs of professional experience as Professor in various prestigious centres in Tamil Nadu (India), including SRMC. He holds Medical Oncology Fellowship from Hershey Medical Centre, Pennsylvania State University, USA and Internal Medicine Residency from West Virginia University, USA.

Here treatment for cancer is provided using Medicine – a) Injection and b) Tablets. The treatment is given once in 3 weeks and approximately for 6 months, depending upon the nature of cancer and patients health condition. All chemotherapy drugs are administered here. Side effects: Nausea and Vomiting for 1 or 2 days. The pioneering Department of Interventional Radiology is practised in the technique of infusing chemotherapy drugs through the artery. Monoclonal Antibodies and Thyrosine Kinase Inhibitors are available for the target therapy of cancers.

Monoclonal antibody therapy: It is the use of monoclonal antibodies (or mAb) to specifically target cells. The main objective is stimulating the patient's immune system to attack the malignant tumour cells and the prevention of tumour growth by blocking specific cell receptors.

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The Department of Surgical Oncology has 2 consultants. Major cancer operations are regularly performed, including

- Head and Neck cancer
- Breast cancer
- Thoracic cancer operations
- Liver, Pancreatic and Gastro Intestinal cancer
- Gynecologic and Colorectal cancer
- Bone and Soft tissue cancer

More than 40 cases have been performed so far, with excellent results.

Cases studies

Case Study 1

- Cancer Type: Liver cancer
- Diagnosis:

CT scan of Liver
67 year old man
Abdominal pain of 1 week duration

On examination, good general condition, no jaundice and Liver was enlarged

CT scan liver/ Liver function tests/Tumour markers [AFP] were done

- Treatment: TACE
He underwent a procedure called Trans arterial chemo embolisation or TACE, wherein the blood supply to the tumour is blocked through a pinhole puncture in a thigh blood vessel, along with injection of chemotherapy directly into the tumour.

- Surgery:
Three weeks after TACE, the patient underwent a successful operation to remove the tumour bearing portion of the liver. He is doing well, six months after surgery.

Case Study 2

- Cancer Type: Parotid Tumour
- Diagnosis and treatment:

Young lady from overseas, presented with a large tumour over the right side of the face and jaw, arising from the parotid gland. She underwent a very major surgery to remove the parotid gland, the skin of the cheek, part of the jaw bone, and then plastic surgery using tissues from her back to fill the defect so created.

Case Study 3

- Cancer Type: Thyroid cancer
- Diagnosis and treatment:

40 year old man, presented with a hard Thyroid swelling of 3 years duration
Needle biopsy confirmed it was a Thyroid cancer, and he underwent complete removal of the Thyroid gland, and post operative Radioiodine treatment, and is doing well.

Case Study 4

- Tumour Type: Esophageal cyst
- Diagnosis and treatment:

24 year old lady from Sudan, Dysphagia since 1 year

CT scan showed a posterior mediastinal mass

At surgery, a cyst was removed from the esophageal wall

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